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im an artist who continues to work hard on my art and continues to try new things. I want to do digital art as well as some animation.

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Posted by Venya - October 11th, 2019

yeah I've not been on cause allot has happened. I've moved and that was a month of process. I fought with people I used to live with who turned out to be total jerks and needs everything their way or the highway. I chose the highway cause goddamn they are picky. hence the moving process. did it so I didnt have to deal with them either. but nobody should be in a household that makes you feel suicidal.

so yeah I had allot of help and support and continue to. I still draw though like I have my drawing tablet and I love it very much!! im gonna put up the latest drawings of course.

I also still stream when I can and Im always on twitter when I can be. which is all the time really XD

my twitch channel My twitter!! My furaffinity My DA!!


Posted by Venya - January 30th, 2019

its been a month and I've been streaming more then once a week. its still kinda random but please do follow if you can. one day I'll be affilate <3


but yeah go ahead and follw me on some sites here. 




also those who follow may get a follow back. I mean might be worth it even. I also like to support smaller streamers more so the female kind cause we get more shit thene ever. but thats awhole nother thing xD


Posted by Venya - December 30th, 2018

yay! New Computer. I can start streaming and talking to people and playing games again. YAY! im so happy too. 

this is a nice computer too. <3new computer!

Posted by Venya - December 6th, 2018

the last few images are from traditional drawing because my computer has been down for awhile now. It’s expensive to fix but we are working in it, I’ve been drawing with pen and pencil and even a little bit f marker for like three months now. I don’t feel like I’ve gotten better but I’m trying to improve a little at least. Also it’s been super boring. Drawing and watching stuff in YouTube or here is all I can do. No video games no animation. It’s bad, hopefully my computer will be fixed soon.